Our Services


When you select the Coldwell Banker Development Services team to market and sell your project, we will customize a sales and marketing program based on the specific scope and needs of your development. Our menu of services includes:

Planning and Development

  • Full review of architectural schematics and proposed unit floor plans
  • Unit analysis relating to design and floor plan at varying prices per square foot
  • Suggested upgrade plans aimed at minimizing construction delays and maximizing profit margins
  • Cost/benefit assessment of building features, including common area spaces, amenities, security, HOA management and, where appropriate, salvaging of historic features

Local Liaison

  • Provide recommendations on a broad range of local service providers, such as lawyers, HOA management firms, architecture, design, security and other specialty services providers
  • Ongoing review of project development with legal counsel, general contractor, project director and HOA management firm (if previously chosen)
  • Serve as a liaison to the Mayor's Office of Housing for required BMR unit sales

Escrow Management — Contractual Stage

  • Employ automated escrow management software with permissive viewing rights so all parties (developer clients, lenders, sales team, etc.) have a window into the status of all sales at all times; immediate reports available on sales and contract status in a variety of customizable formats
  • Buyer management sessions orient buyers to the escrow process, set expectations, build confidence and eliminate concerns so that buyers remain under contract and close escrow
  • Full title company coordination and scheduling for signings, full follow-up after close of escrow, and coordination for move-in with HOA management
  • Transaction file storage and closed sale management

Strategic Pricing

  • Recommendations on pricing strategies to achieve an average premium price per square foot
  • Unit-by-unit review and price assignment formulated from baseline assumptions
  • Special considerations are given to floor position, view, light, exterior noise and unit configuration before pricing is assigned


The Coldwell Banker Development Services team offers an important point of differentiation — we will staff your onsite project sales office with highly qualified and experienced Coldwell Banker sales associates. Our skilled professionals have a successful background in full-service real estate sales, unlike the typical "behind the desk," inexperienced sales people commonly found at many new development sales offices. This key difference ensures your project will sell quickly to qualified buyers because our associates are trained in prospecting, follow-through, negotiation, overcoming objections and closing the deal. Most importantly, our Realtors® are backed by the strength and reputation of the Coldwell Banker System, one of the most respected real estate brands in the nation.

Marketing Services

  • Pre-production (marketing development and design)
  • Marketing production (print and signage)
  • Execution of direct marketing/promotion tactics
  • Dedicated website production and maintenance
  • Photography, digital illustrations and renderings
  • Public relations activities (courtesy of Coldwell Banker marketing)
  • Mass media advertising planning and placement
  • Decorating/staging of model residences


Projects Completed